About Us - Company

COMEXAR Engineering AG is a software company that specializes in customer specific solutions for technical or business applications.

Our strenghts are consulting, analysis of complex problems, design and implementation of customer specific software solutions.

We help you managing the strategic usage of computers in your company, introducing advanced engineering tools or integrating new technologies into your products.

We create intelligent solutions by applying our know-how and our experience to your technical or business applications.

We offer our customers full analysis and consulting. We plan and develop customer specific software, and we help you to introduce the final product in your company or at your customer.

We collaborate with a network of partners to manage big software projects. We coordinate all team members and guarantee optimal project management.

Best Practices

We apply best practices and industry standards in analysis, design and implementation.

Newest Technologies

We apply newest technologies to provide you the best solutions available.

Intelligent Solutions

We build intelligent solutions and apply Artifical Intelligence technologies where appropriate.

Our services

We provide the following services

Software Development

We cover the full development cycle to implement the software according to your needs.


We provide IT consultants to find solutions for your problems.

Project Management

We manage your projects and make sure they deliver.

Our technologies

We are experts in the following technologies

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Automated Planning and Learning Systems

Software Engineering

Architecture, Design and Implementation Methods

Web Technologies

ASP.NET, Javascript, AngularJS and more

High Performance Computing

Optimization, Scheduling and Cloud Computing

Our products

Vandermart Tracker - The only Option Trading Software with
builtin Artificial Intelligence on the market.
Vandermart Tracker

Vandermart Tracker

The Artificial Intelligence behind Strategy Advisor

Strategy Advisor is an Intelligent Assistant for the Option Trader.

It applies AI technologies such as automated planning, pattern matching, rule bases with option trading know-how and heuristic search and optimization methods to assist the Option Trader during design, execution and contingency planning of his option strategies.

The features of the Strategy Advisor are unique on the market.

Strategy Advisor

Design your Options Strategy and simulate forward szenarios.

Strategy Designer

Gives you full control over szenario simulation.

Strategy Simulator

Backtest your Options Strategy, verify how it succeeded in past market conditions.

Strategy Backtester

Optimize your strategy, perform transformations and plan followup actions with our Artificial Intelligence module Strategy Advisor.

Strategy Advisor

The expert's tool for deep dive optimization tasks.

Strategy Optimizer

Bring your strategy into the market and minimize execution risk.

Order Module

Analyse the impact of the Volatility Smile on your strategy.

Smile Analyzer

Helps you to identify trading opportunities.

System Analyzer

Our partners

Vandermart Solutions
Interactive Brokers